Do you deliver the vessel?
Yes, I personally perform the delivery and I have crew if needed. 

Can I come along?
Yes.  You can be crew if you desire or just sit back and enjoy the experience.

What yacht preparations are required?
Your yacht should be in good operating order.  The engine should have an oil and oil filter change. The fuel filters should be changed. We should also have oil, oil filters and fuel filters for both the primary and secondary filters on board.  I can perform any of this for you if needed. The bottom of the vessel should be clean as well as the running gear.  Running lights, vhf radio, bilge pumps, and horn should all be working properly.  Be sure fire extinguishers are in the green, and flares are up to date.  PFD's must be available for each person on board.   The vessel must be able to pass a USCG inspection. 

What else should be onboard?
Basic hand tools, a drill, along with a supply of nuts, bolts, electrical wire, wire ties, butt connectors, etc. First aid kit, 

How long will the delivery take?
Every situation is different but sailboats will do 70 to140 miles depending if we are inside or offshore.  Power boats will do 80 to 220 miles per day. On the inside I will anchor or dock at a marina (your choice) at dusk, offshore I will sail or run 24/7. I will always try to make the best time possible with safety being priority. (a small amount of growth on the bottom of a vessel can cause a great reduction in speed and fuel economy.)

What if repairs are needed during the delivery?

I am very familiar with all systems on board and can probably fix most problems.  If that is not possible,  I will go to the nearest port and marina for further instructions from you.

I highly recommend an emergency repair kit including wood bungs, emergency repair tape, first aid kit, etc. 

Does the boat need to be insured?
YES.  Be sure your policy will cover your yacht during a professional delivery. I can provide any license information to your insurance company if needed.

How do you handle waiting for weather windows?
The only time weather becomes a concern is when traveling offshore.  If we have to wait, I will split the time with you 50/50. If I can I will bring the vessel back inshore and continue on the inside. 

What do you do when the delivery has been completed?
I will contact you immediately upon completion of the delivery.  Your yacht will be properly secured either to a mooring or a slip of your choice.  You will find it clean, orderly, and locked.